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In the pie world, it’s not just about looks but also taste! My last pie had the “looks” but not the “taste”.

I haven’t made a from-scratch pumpkin pie in years. So, I thought it would be good to do a trial-run before Thanksgiving. This wasn’t a big production because, I used canned pumpkin. I also decided to just use the recipe on the can.


Everything was looking fine. My crust turned out well and I even made a cute little star to go on top 😊

My husband was so excited to have some fresh pie but was distressed that I didn’t have any whipped topping in the house. So, he ran to the store while the pie was cooling. When he returned, I made homemade whipped topping and then we dug in.

But, it was an udder failure! Not moist and creamy like the pumpkin pies I’m used to. Going over and over the recipe making sure I had followed the directions correctly, I started comparing recipes. Most recipes I found had more liquid and more eggs.

So, we promptly ate just a few bites of the piece we cut and then threw the rest away!! And, then we ate whipped topping. 😊

New Pumpkin Pie coming up! But, here is the Whipped Topping Recipe.

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The 52 Pies Project......Apple Pie November 2017 And so, Apple Pie is my first pie of the project.

Classic. Basic. And, delicious. 

The 1961 Betty Crocker Cook Book that I used for this recipe informed me that Apple Pie was served almost daily in New England when the newly planted orchards were bearing fruit back in the 1600's. But, pie originated in ancient Greece, according to legend. Later the Romans conquered the Greeks, and then learned the art of making pastry. And, we are the beneficiary of that knowledge 😊 Yay!

It was fun to cook from this old Betty Crocker cookbook used regularly by my mother in law so many years ago. The little stains here and there on the pages are constant reminders of those non-digital days in which people prepared their meals. 

My apple pie was a success! So basic, but so good. I used a mix of tart green apples and gala apples. Betty Crocker says, you must know your apples. Tart, firm, and juicy apples are the best. (Jonathans, Winesaps, Duchess, Roman Beauties) 

And, despite my "not so perfect" crust, it was yummy!

Join me in this baking adventure. Give it a try and then give me your feedback. What's your favorite Apple Pie recipe?

Happy baking!


To print recipe go here


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